About Us

Intelliforce-ITSG considers our greatest assets to be our people and our clients.  Therefore, we continually seek to improve upon our core technical capabilities, refine our processes, provide invaluable solutions to our clients, and invest in the future of our employees.

Ours is an entrepreneurial environment that encourages and empowers our employees to always look beyond the obvious and to “think outside of the box”.  We foster an environment of contribution, innovative ideas, and creative solutions, all in an effort to deliver intelligent, scalable, cost-effective solutions to our clients.  We create lasting impressions and strong relationships with our clients by encouraging our employees to “think beyond today and prepare for the future” enabling them to better serve our clients.

We value our relationship with our employees and with our clients, and we know that a relationship based on superior support and accountability,  creates a solid foundation of trust, respect and success, in which together we will be architecting, designing, and integrating innovative technology solutions that protect our nation now and for many years in the future.

Intelliforce-ITSG Engineers are Bright People Providing Intelligent Solutions that Protect Our Nation.